Understanding ADD in the Workplace

If you have to live with me, I can drive you crazy.

But if you live in my mind—as I do—you need to learn to live with all this stimulation and it can take you from the heights of hyper-focus to the depths of despair—it’s almost schizophrenic. How do you love or work with someone that has ADD or ADHD? How do you take the best of what we have to offer and utilize it plus tolerate the worst we bring to the relationship.

First, get in the know.

The more you understand someone with ADD/HD, the more you will know what is acceptable behavior. Then, apply what you learn and be a part of our success—we can add greatly to your team.

Here’s a good generalization of what ADD/HD looks like—what we experience—not a clinical understanding. Yes many people suffer with some of these from time to time. The difference is we live these things all the time. It will give you a great glimpse into our world and help you make sense of it all. For those who have ADD/HD it will help you give yourself permission to not feel stupid when you do some of these things. It’s a great first look. I know because I have experienced all of this at one time or another and many of these things, if not most, frequently.

Please read this article and share with your friends. Next up: “How to Best Work with a Person with ADD/ADHD.”

MAKE it a great day!

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