The “I’s” Have It

Part 3 of a 6 Part Series on the DISC Personality Profile System[/highlighted_

As I walked onto the stage at PC Expo and took to the podium, I paused and looked out at 2,000 eager faces waiting to learn all they could about this new technology. It was just a year earlier that I had started my company and now I was addressing a large crowd of passionate content developers at the largest computer show in the country. I went through my presentation with precision and perspicuity. As I finished the last question during the Q&A, I remember wondering if I had met their expectations and inspired them; did I convince them that this was the wave of the future? Was I indeed as clear in delivery as I thought? Did I have what it takes to mold their interests? Undaunted, I went down into the audience to answer the myriad of individual questions and smiled as I greeted each one…

The Profile

You’re an ‘I’. You’re inspiring, influencing, impressionable, interesting, impressive, and involved. You shape the environment, persuade, and get involved with people. You love social recognition, group activities, building relationships. You’re charming, sociable and enthusiastic.

Your impulsiveness and disorganization leads to lack of follow-through and sometimes illogical conclusions. You can take your people down the wrong path. You need an anchor and systems in place to keep you on target.

You’re the life of the party. You live to bring joy and fun to the masses. You are the company’s chief sales person whether it’s in your job description or not. You leave people feeling good about situations. You choose transparency over rigidity, substance over form. You’re a people person and treat others well— usually. You think of people first, tasks second… and that is your strength and limitation. You can also get so caught up in self that you forget other people.


Your main limitation is that you chose being liked over just about everything else. You can be selfish without recognizing it, thinking that you’re not because you’re making everything so much fun and people like fun! Well, except for your D(ominant) boss. You can chose to be illogical just to get to fun!

Keep your eyes on the goal, do the work, and have fun—don’t substitute work for fun—you’ll do plenty of fun naturally.

I’m a strong ‘I’ (an IDSC to be exact) and I have to fight wanting to do everything for fun. Everytime someone says something to me, the first thing I think of is a funny answer—even when the thing is very serious. That’s a real struggle. The thing I hear the most from people is that I’m inspiring. And that’s exactly what I want to be. I want to help people be motivated to accomplish whatever it is they want.

The How

If you work hard at it, you can learn to accomplish with productivity. You must put different systems into place to ensure your success. Set up a system for everything, from how you schedule to how you approve funds to how you hire and fire to how you do everything. Then, DO IT every day. You must embrace the plan moment by moment or you’ll quickly get off track.

You can have a tendency to hire people with more need than talent sometimes. You can be taken in by an inspiring person—like yourself—you resonate. Be careful. Everything needs to be consistent or you’ll bounce from pillar to post. Consider getting an executive coach—they’re well worth their money to keep you on target and succeed famously. C (Conscientious) or D (Dominance) makes a great assistant—they can keep you on task.

Something that is paramount for everyone that runs a business—for all personality types (especially S and I types)—is to have a board of advisors. Not a board of directors which you should also have if the company is a corporation, but a group of peers in the community that are experts in their respective fields. Buy them dinner once every six months to lay out for them where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Get their input and guidance. This will help keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, and, you will have peers in place to challenge you when you’re not making it happen or going astray.

The Takeaway

Surround yourself with non “yes” people—people that will love you enough to tell you the truth and help you make your business fly—people that will help you get the work done. The three of John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership that will help the most:

  • THE LAW OF PROCESS—Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day
  • THE LAW OF PRIORITIES—Activity is not Necessarily Accomplishment
  • THE LAW OF SACRIFICE—A Leader Must Give Up To Go Up

You have the greatest opportunity to build an adept team and take your company to the top—but only if you get and stay on target. If you use your influence to effectively lead your team and meet their needs, they will stay with you for a long time and you will climb to the top—together.

Up Next: DISC Personality Profile ‘S’ is for Status Quo.

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