Confessions of a UPS Delivery Guy

Try this out: Intentionally encourage at least three people before 10:00am. Intentionally is the operative word. See what happens. It’ll be your own little research project.

Of course, you may be a solopreneur and there’s no one around to encourage. So, encourage those you meet along your day. The Fedex gal. The barista. The grocery cashier. Hopefully you’re not going to be a single person company all your life. Your biz is going to take off and you’re going to have several to many humanoids busy helping you conquer the world. Make it a habit now so you can be a success at it in the future.

I know. You have people to see, deals to make, and a business to run. But that’s the point! You have a business to run. A business is another name for a group of people. A church is another name for a group of people. A family is a name for a group of people. A  FILL IN THE BLANK  is the name of a group of people. We. Are. Relational. We thrive when we are encouraged. Thrive. Not survive. Thrive.

How do you feel when someone encourages you? You feel warm and fuzzy. Like somebody really noticed and cared. Humbled. Kinda tingly inside. (If you feel bad, see your therapist.) Most people can’t get enough encouragement. Most people don’t get enough encouragement.

How to Do It

It’s easy, but it takes practice. And intentionality. And time. You have to get to know people. I can tell you about my UPS drivers family. Because I ask. I know at least three great leadership and personal growth books he owns and has read. Because I gave them to him and followed up. I know some of the things that drive him. Because I listen. He used to own a business. He has a kid that wants to move back home. We have not the knowledge because we ask not.

Good leaders ask great questions. Or at least the right ones. Be in the moment. They are a living, breathing human being—just like you. Find out what “floats their boat.” Look for what their talents. Notice how they dress, a new haircut, the way they help others.

Full disclosure: I am a people watcher. I love looking for cool (or quirky) things people do so I can talk to them about it. Do the same for those you touch every day. Don’t let the opportunity slip by to make someone’s day.

I’m not talking about flirting or manipulation, I’m talking about honest, genuine, thoughtful encouragement.

Plan it Out

In your early morning (or late evening) planning for that day (you do plan your entire day, right?), list out the three people you are going to encourage. And then do it. Seriously. Make it a habit. You will definitely increase your influence and you will help others to have an awesome day. If you need someone to start with, encourage me. I thrive on encouragement!

Great leaders care about people and work first to meet the needs of those around them—whether at work or someplace else.


As Rick Warren starts his book, The Purpose Driven Life, It’s not about you. It’s about others. You will take care of yourself naturally. So concentrate on taking care of others. It will serve you well all of your life. Guaranteed. Oh, and while you’re at it, encourage your spouse and the kids every day. That’s the best place to start.

Leave some feedback to encourage others here, as to what you do to encourage people throughout the day. Hopefully, this has been an encouragement.

Make it a great day!