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Positive Accountability – The First Step to Success

(One Day Seminar)
80% of us are not self-starters or self-finishers. Getting to our definition of success eludes us more than we care to admit. It doesn’t have to. We can take life by storm and make it work for us. Learn the methodology of Positive Accountability and be on the other side of accomplishment. In this seminar, each of us will discover our true passion, build our own definition of success, work towards life balance, gain the proper attitude to succeed, apply personal leadership principles, learn how to stay on target, and then literally put a system into place that will walk us through to success.

Growing and Prospering Your Small Business

(One Day Seminar)
This is for anyone who has a small business or who is thinking about starting one. Sometimes we start a business with no more than an idea and a lot of coffee. Unfortunately, we can miss a lot of important steps and fail quickly – or come dangerously close to failing and end up with lots of debt. As entrepreneurs, the statistics don’t help us much – we still dive in know that we have at best a 50:50 chance of survival. I’ve started seven businesses in my life, most prospered but some failed. I’ve failed forward and put together this seminar on how to run a profitable business. From finances, to production, to marketing and a whole lot more in-between. A lot of it is having the proper attitude and doing the right thing at the right time, losing your self-limiting fears while embracing the proper fears. Come learn how to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Marketing Your Small Business 101

(Half Day Seminar)
Marketing is a lot more than advertising. It’s knowing what product mix to sell. How best to sell it. Pricing. Competition. Statistical analysis. Plus, there are a gazillion ways to advertise out there. Email. On-Line. Adwords. Snail mail. Direct mail. This seminar will show you how to determine what works in your industry/business. We will tackle the methodology behind any ad campaign – the real principles that matter. This seminar will not tell you what the best places are to advertise because that is different for each company/industry/product. Anybody that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. BUT I will show you how to figure it out, test it inexpensively, and then learn to roll-out the advertising to maximize your sales and profitability. It’s not rocket science. But it is logical and anybody can do it. You just have to know what questions to ask.

Life Intentional

(One Day Seminar)
Do you have a personal plan for your life? If not, why not?  If you are not intentional about your life, if you’re not really, really, really serious about achieving your goals, if you don’t have a proven system and process – you won’t get there. The formula for success is not DON’T HAVE A CLEAR TARGET + LUCK = SUCCESS FALLING OUT OF THE SKY.  SUCCESS = OPPORTUNITY + PREPAREDNESS. If you’re ready when opportunity comes, and you apply your knowledge, you can succeed. We’re going to to look at what it takes to live life intentionally, immediately, and specifically – how to be prepared and how to make opportunity. We’re going to study the methodology and procedures necessary and help you put them in place to get where you really want to go. We’re also going to show you how to finish what you begin so you will get to accomplishment. If you’re not deciding how to live your life, then somebody else is. It’s time to stop being a victim, take control of your life, and live it to the fullest.