Don't get Lucky. Get Working. Hard.

Don’t Get Lucky. Get Working. Hard.

Luck is not a thing to be attained. It's a word to describe what we don't understand or cannot define. It's a state of being, not a material thing or something we gained by no effort of our own. 

Positive Accountability Episode 2: Reflection

Reflection is one of the critical components of growth and leadership. Without taking the time to reflect every day, you won’t gain the the wisdom from the successes and failures of the day.  

What is Influence?

If Leadership Is Influence, What is Influence? How Do I Get It?

The #1 leadership expert in the world—John C. Maxwell—says, “Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.” Great. I can remember that. But what is influence? Who do I have influence with? Who has influence over me? What does it mean that I have influence with them? How did I get this influence? What makes me influential? How do I get influence? Without a key understanding of influence, we are stuck trying to achieve it.