Life Is Too Short To Hate Your Job

If you’re good, find a place that has good ‘leadership’ and fight to work there.

If you’re not good, get good and THEN find a place that has good ‘leadership’ and fight to work there. There is ‘life after’ wherever you are working now. This is my recommendation  on how to get the job you really want, provided you are qualified for it

Searching for a Job

One of the things I coach people in is finding a new job. Here’s a normal scenario for someone looking for a job:

• Search or
• Scour the newspaper
• Ask friends and family
• Post on your Facebook page, tweet ad nauseum
• Go to some interviews
• Maybe get an offer
• Take the job.

Give or take a couple steps, that’s the general way we go about getting a job.

Here’s how you should do it— unless you’re lazy and just want to get by and not have much responsibility or pay…

Sit down and define what success looks like to you as a career—even if you’re not great at it yet. RESEARCH and find the company YOU want to work for— don’t just take what comes to you— YOU go to them!

Not all companies are alike

Some are in the top 100 to work for, others will drive you batty and you will be gone in six months. Maybe three. Some have awesome opportunities for growth, great benefits, educational programs, fitness programs, good financial rewards, excellent leadership, and on and on.

Find the BEST company to work with (again, unless you’re just mediocre— than just go find a J.O.B.) and start to pursue them! Once you find the company, and you may find a few, put them in order, then send a letter to the president telling him that you are awesome in this field and you have researched their company and you want to work with them so you can bring your dynamic skill set to add to their powerful leadership and productivity to create even more opportunity and greater success for you and their company.

As a CEO, I can tell you that would have gone to the top of the stack. At the very least I would want to see if you’re anything of what you describe! (Note: the best read right now on getting hired is Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love — stellar book).

My point here is to be uber proactive!! Don’t just let stuff happen to you, get off your petoot (butt) and get going! Remember Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you continue to do the same thing—and that same thing is little to nothing, and thinking you will get different results—you’re never going to get where you want to be.


Don’t fear this! What are they going to do? Kill you? If you get called in, that’s enough of a win! You got to the top of the stack.

Now go do likewise!

MAKE it a great day (and career)!

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