Profitable Marketing Concepts

Profitable Marketing Concepts

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Google. Facebook. Adwords. Email. Direct Mail. Snail Mail. Print media. Radio. TV. Youtube. There are a gazillion ways for you to spend your cash on unproven marketing methods. Unproven?? Really? Yep. All of them are unproven. At least unproven by you. Okay. Maybe you’ve been advertising and doing just fine thank you – or at least making a profit.

Great. So if it’s not proven, why is Google so huge? Because there are a lot of people that don’t know whether their advertising dollars are really profitable. We make quick decisions and spend the money and get a questionable return – or worse – an unknown return. I’ve spent tens of millions of dollars on marketing campaigns and have developed a tactical strategy that helps increase your marketing return – no matter where you are in your current plan you can increase your ROI. A simple five step methodology that if applied consistently will have a major impact on the quality of your advertising campaigns.

By my estimate over the past 35 years, only about 2% of the business population has a real grasp on marketing concepts. I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that it’s not uncommon to not be versed in marketing. Most of us spend our time on the production of our products – as Michael Gerber coined, we work in our business instead of on our business. My product just happened to be marketing.

So before you spend your first marketing dollar – or before you spend any more of your hard earned cash – you need to embrace some of the basic concepts of marketing advertising. This is a short ebook that covers the five basic marketing principles of advertising so no matter what method you choose, you can ensure you don’t waste money on bad decisions. You can only get these principles by signing up to get my daily blog. My desire is to invest in you because you have invested your time in me by reading my blog. I don’t take that lightly.  This way you never miss the daily walk toward success. It’s a win-win. No brainer.

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In all candor, to the extent you follow these five laws, you will be more successful with your advertising and sales campaigns. These are the principles of understanding in advertising – the physics of it all. Plus, I will expand and add on to these in the Marketing portion of blog so this will give you a great basis to launch from. Feel free to ask questions about anything you may not understand. Either I or one of my Community Leaders will answer to clarify.

These concepts are simple – it isn’t rocket science. But like so many other pieces of knowledge, we don’t apply it – it just sits there taking up space. Apply each of these – make it a checkoff-list for each campaign and make your advertising soar.

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s the most important part of any campaign and should get your most attention.
  • What one question to ask to save 50% of every marketing dollar.
  • Editorial and advertising – what’s the best rule?
  • How to say “no” to the good so you can say “yes” to the great!
  • The marketeers one word mantra that guarantees your campaign has the maximum impact.
  • How much is too much?
  • What is NNFT and how does it increase closure?
  • Why we learn with every dollar we spend in marketing.
Why is this so valuable? Every dollar I have spent on a campaign is an investment in education because I learned from that dollar. So in reality, you’re getting tens of millions of dollars of experience. Committed to your success…

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