Is Fear Keeping You From Success?

 “That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can accomplish it as well.”Abe Lincoln

Take a moment and let it sink in. What does it take to complete your journey toward success? Just ask my past coaches… actually, the Code of Ethics in the coaching trade doesn’t allow us to share that. So ask my mom…

Who put that low price tag on us? Did I? Someone else? John Maxwell said, If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will not raise the price. Snap. How many times are you encouraged every day? How many times do you encourage others? Yet, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are enormously gifted in something – or several things. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t have great potential. Even if they are lazy, I dig into their passions and see great desire and ability. Some limiting belief is keeping them down. Not always, but usually. Time for that stuff to stop. What does it take for you to get to who you want to be? To the success you define and desire?

I looked more closely at who was achieving, what they were achieving, and how they were achieving it. I found that ounce for ounce and pound for pound, the Others had no more gifting than I, no more talent, no more enthusiasm, no more experience – and in some of the categories I had more. Plus, if I lacked anything, I can go get it! I can do… the homework. In a month I can read 10 books on a subject (10 hours each) and know more about it than 98% of the population. So can you…

What I lacked in knowledge was readily available in books, videos, the internet (huge!), mentors, teachers, coaches… With the John Maxwell Team I can have two hours of training & mentoring every day with some of the brightest minds in the world, not to mention all the input from the other 3,000 plus members of the team. Every industry is covered. Every temperament and personality is there. The crowd-sourced collective mind is boggling… by my estimate, the collective expertise is over 60,000 years (!). I just did the math… that is staggering…. 60,000 YEARS of knowledge and experience. And all I have to do is ask and a large handful of people instantly come to help. It’s way too awesome… You can get similar help at my blog here and hundreds others scattered throughout the internet…

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As I looked around, I realized that in general, I possess everything that the Others did, except I was afraid that I couldn’t make it. Which was especially puzzling because I have made it several times before… But then it dawned on me that they (Others) had probably been afraid at one time, too. I am a type A personality (with some B mixed in for good measure – I am an ambivert). You would think that I had no fear of doing whatever…. not so. I had subtle, but great fears.

Yes, the Others were making it. They spoke so spectacularly. Taught with tenacity. Coached with clarity. Expounded with expertise. Wrote with wisdom. Could I achieve that? Why not? They had, and they are no better or worse than I. If you’ve done the homework – prepared your mind – there is no reason, other than your own fear, that you can’t be what you want to be and do what you want to do. And I mean one of the best. The Law of Awareness says you have to know who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. Then, you can make the journey to your definition of success.

I have two sons that are rock musicians, songwriters, and lead vocalists of their bands, and both are on their way (proud papa moment). One day they’re going to be standing on the platform at the Grammys saying “thank you.” Ounce for ounce and pound for pound they are at least as good as any band out there. Their songwriting is as good. They’re performance might be even better. U2 didn’t start out being one of the best, they started out totally unknown – the same for all bands. My boys are starting out with no more or less than U2 had – shouldn’t they have the ability to go as far? Maybe further? Shouldn’t I be able to be one of the top speakers in the world? Shouldn’t you be able to get to the top of whatever it is that you seek? What’s stopping you? Seriously – what is stopping you? What does it take to employee it now? As Zig Ziglar was fond of saying, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!” If you haven’t – start now! If you have started, push further, higher, and deeper.

Reflection: Specifically, what one thing, if put it into place immediately, would help you start your journey (or push you higher in it) so you can get to your definition of success?

Action: Memorize Abe’s quote. Print it out and put it above your workspace or on your Desktop. Carry a US penny in your pocket at all times. When you look at it and see Abe, remember the quote. As a matter of fact, every time you see any penny, remember the quote and remember your purpose! Join the conversation. You can leave a comment by clicking here or just scrolling down.

MAKE it a great day!

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