Accountability PartnershipsRules

Let’s be clear about what this is.

You are both partners to each other. There are two partners in each partnership. Partner A will hold Partner B accountable for his/her goal and Partner B will hold Partner A accountable for his/her goal. This is a two-way accountability because we are pulling from a list of people that all want to be involved.

Hence, this is a two-way partnership. You can do all your accountability at the same time or at different times. That will be totally up to you. Here are the basic rules for ensuring a great experience with partnerships – whether using your partner or one from our website.

Partnership Rules

1. Honor the other partner’s time by contacting at the agreed upon times. Don’t call or text randomly – the partner’s work/life schedule may find him asleep when you are making noise on his smartphone. Agree to the time and follow it.

2. Don’t use this Partnership for anything else. This is strictly for holding one another accountable – not for building friends, though you may become friends, not for coaching, consulting, or counseling. It really is best this way.

3. Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable – Don’t be. Don’t assume your partner is just like you in all ways. Don’t use bad language, don’t be mean, nagging, angry, unkind, etc. Be helpful.

4. Do keep everything positive and uplifting. Be thoughtful and self-less (not selfish).

5. Don’t teach your partner – you’re not here to give advice. Even if you have good advice. If you want to begin a mentorship, you can do so outside of the accountability program. That’s your business.

6. Do not be fraudulent in any way. Do not ask for or give money to a partner. Do not lie – have the courage and character to say, “I didn’t do it” or “I don’t know.”

7. Do not offer anything for sale to your partner. This is not an avenue for increasing your sales. This is for helping one another achieve your goals. If your partner wants to sell you something, you may want to terminate the partnership.

8. Be faithful to execute your part of the partnership in a timely fashion.

9. Be responsible and be accountable! Do your topic!

10. Work hard at achieving your goal. Don’t sign up for this only to ignore or not work at it.

This isn’t exhaustive – just some common principles that will help you stay on target with your partner.

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