Starting Towards SuccessAccountability Partnerships

Want to know more about what the Accountability Partnerships are? Can’t find an accountability partner? Ready to get started?

How it Works

Enter your information below and we will connect you to the closest person. It’s completely confidential. We don’t even look at it, and we don’t share it with anyone, ever. The programming behind it all discreetly looks at your information and partners you with the most appropriate and like-minded partner. Everybody else who joined the program has answered the same questions.

Confidentiality & The Rules

Every person must read and agree to our confidentiality agreement and must agree to abide by the rules, which are not extensive, but are important. There are methods and procedures to follow to get the best experience from the partnerships – not to mention the best success from it. There is a monthly charge of $9 for our administration and to ensure you have some skin in the game. $9 per month to really start accomplishing? You spend more per week on coffee. Plus, you can cancel anytime. Not sure? Make the $9 investment in yourself for a month and try it out. You’re worth it.

Ready to Go?

This will be an exciting time as you work toward reaching your goal, and slowly – or quickly – achieving it. If you’re willing to do the homework, you will achieve the success you are looking for. This is one of the best ways I know to start achieving.

This is an awesome opportunity to get started towards success with your goals. By the way, I am part of the system too. I want to be hands on so I can constantly make it better. You may have me as a partner from time to time! Some of my Community Leaders are part of the system as well.

Don’t forget: do the homework!

Partnership Registration

All fields must be completed. Remember, everything is totally confidential. All questions are about you!