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I am a Certified Professional Coach with the John Maxwell Team. John and his team of mentors have poured into me daily over the past few years. It has been a privilege and a delight to be sitting under John’s mentorship.

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My Favorite Books

This is a great list of books to help you grow and get to where you really, really, really want to go. This list is semi-sorted in a way that reflects my recommended reading order. There is something you can glean from all of them. Enjoy!

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My Favorite Quotes

These are some of my favorite quotes. There are about 100 here, and I am adding more each week. My plan is to get the top 500 growth, leadership, and inspirational type quotes in this listing.

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My Comments Policy

Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. But you are even more entitled to share it in such a way that it is helpful to others and adds to the conversation. My first desire is that we add value – not just add comment.

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What is Positive Accountability?

It’s a trending buzzword (at least when my book was written). There are quite a few good books out there recently on how to hold your team, your coworkers, yourself, and others accountable.

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